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Management and consultanting in constructions

In practical realization of investments in European Union countries, investors are using consulting services, in order to push them at the level of quality requirements, with minimum cost and optimal duration of execution. Making an investment requires the use of specialists in several areas of investment, that the investors or entrepreneurs can not run themselves, with their forces, because the lack of sufficient qualified staff or lack experience.

By contracting this type of consultancy, the investor transfers the attributions of provision, organization, coordination, acquisition and control to the Consultant.

Using specialized consultants has several advantages: reducing the time of achieving the investments; the possibility of having access to specialized techniques and informations; reducing and optimizing the cost of execution; the possibility of using professional and performant techniques and technologies; the posibility of getting independent evaluations and recommendations.

Our company has specialized staff in accordance with the laws of Romania, and provides the following services:

Investment management involves planning, organizing, coordinating, taking decisions, acting and controlling all activities to make an investment, starting from design up to final acceptance.

Supervision of construction works: This service is provided in our country by project supervisors, who are employees of the Investor. The international consultancy companies DO NOT recommend (and sometimes even prohibit) the surveillance to be made by engineers employees of the investor, due to the limited liability and because investors can not hire homeroom teachers for all specialties (architecture, structure, materials, installations , cost engineers, etc.). It is recommended that the supervision of works on site to be done by specialized consultants that are hired to provide the services on a contract basis, with serious responsibilities regarding the cost, quality and the terms of execution.

Investment management includes:

  • Consulting services for Investors for market studies on suppliers and distributors for solutions and systems in construction.
  • Reviewing the design and execution details according to the requirements of the approved study of feasibility and the legal provisions.
  • Checking how the financial resources are insured and how to manage them for fees related to investment preparation.
  • Organizing the auctions and / or selecting the offers and ensuring their development according to the legal provisions. in order to contract the phase of achieving investment.
  • Providing consultancy for negotiating and concluding the execution contracts and providing equipment, machinery, etc.
  • Organization, coordination and control of program realization.
  • Organizing and controlling the activity of site inspector.
  • Providing the service of site inspector according to the law in force.
  • Tracking and approving the organizing by the general contractor of a "sample chamber" for the main materials, garments and equipments which will be purchased and put to work by the builder.
  • Coordinating the activity of the General Contractor with other specialized contractors or other service providers, regarding the use of routes, common areas and facilities, creating work fronts, etc. ensuring order, guarding and PCI measures to fit in costs, terms and quality conditions as scheduled
  • Organizing and ensuring the progress of reception at the end of the work, according to the law.
  • Preparing the technical book of the construction, according to the law.
  • Organizing and conducting the behavior in time of investment during the warranty period, according to the law.
  • Organizing and ensuring the final reception